Dental Package

Fixed price dental scale and polish

Periodontal disease is one of the most common conditions we see in practice. By the age of three years up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have signs of dental problems. As pets don’t look after their teeth we have to do this for them. In many cases a dental scale and polish may protect the mouth reducing the severity of disease and the requirement for more involved procedures.

If you book your pet in for a dental at Animates they will be admitted in the morning, have a blood test to check their organ function, an intravenous fluid drip to protect their internal organs during the procedure, a general anaesthetic and a descale and polish. Once your pet is anaesthetised we are able to more fully examine the mouth including checking under the gum line to make our assessment of the health of the mouth.

Tooth Extractions may be required where there are issues, but please be assured, we do not remove teeth that are healthy and we endeavour to preserve those that can be salvaged. Dogs have 42 teeth and cats have 30. On occasions where the dental diseases is severe a large number of teeth may need removing to reduce pain and prevent future issues.


Prices below include:

General anesthetic, blood test, intravenous fluids, de-scale, and polish

Cat (including comprehensive oral assessment)  £299.99
Dog (including comprehensive oral assessment)  £365.00


Extractions including pain relief

Extractions are based on tooth type:

Band A (single root tooth)  £25/tooth
Band B (Multiple root tooth)  £42/tooth
Band C (Canine/ Carnassial)  £58/tooth


X-Rays (Currently only available at Thurlby) 
Prices dependent on x-rays taken

Antibiotics (If infection present)
Price dependent on patient size.

After the scale and polish you will be entitled to 10% off the cost of any preventative homecare products bought from us on the day of the Scale and Polish or at the post-operative check a week later.

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