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Pet Passports and Exports

At Animates we have several DEFRA appointed Official Veterinarians

At Animates we have several DEFRA appointed Official Veterinarians who are able to issue pet passports to allow travel under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). These vets are also able to help with exports of pets to other countries not covered by the PETS scheme.

  • What is PETS?
  • If I have a PETS passport is my pet protected from disease?
  • What is the procedure for getting a PETS passport?
  • What is happening with Brexit? (Update February 2020)

What is PETS?

PETS allows dogs, cats and ferrets to travel between the UK and EU countries and certain non-EU countries without the need for quarantine. The list of countries the UK accepts pet passports from, and listed countries, can be found on the following link -

Travel outside these areas is more complicated and involves import / export documentation.

Please discuss this with us at least 6 months in advance of any intended travel.

If I have a PETS passport is my pet protected from disease?

PETS is designed to prevent diseases entering the UK. It is not designed to protect your pet from all the diseases they may be exposed to while abroad. We would strongly recommend that you discuss disease risks and preventative treatment with our vets and nurses (ideally at least 6 months prior to travel). There may be additional precautions recommended.

We have a handout about diseases commonly encountered abroad and prevention options which can be provided on request.

What is the procedure for getting a PETS passport?

  1. Have your pet microchipped. Before any of the other procedures for PETS are carried out, your pet MUST be fitted with a microchip so that they can be properly identified.
  2. Have your pet vaccinated against rabies. The minimum age for vaccination against rabies is 12 weeks of age. Your pet will only be allowed to travel from day 21 after the rabies vaccination.
  3. Be issued with your pet passport. Your pet will be issued a European pet passport which will be fully filled out with all the required information.

Your passport will also have a page to record tapeworm treatment. All dogs must receive a treatment for tapeworm, with an approved wormer and given by a veterinarian, 24 to 102 hours (1-5 days) prior to entering the UK. Should you plan to travel for a short period (a weekend for example), your dog can be treated at Animates prior to departure, provided it is within the 24-102 hours prior to re-entry.

At your Rabies vaccination consultation (or before on request) we can provide you with a handout containing the following information:

  • How to keep your PETs passport up to date
  • What you should consider before travelling to an EU country
  • What you need to do before travelling to the UK from an approved EU country
  • Where to find approved travel routes and companies
  • Other important considerations

What is happening with Brexit? (Update February 2020)

In the future Brexit will almost certainly affect travelling to the EU with your pet. Nothing will change during the transition period and you can continue to use your Pet Passport until the end of December 2020.

From 1st January 2021 the rules for travelling to EU countries with your pet will likely change and we would recommend you start planning at least 4 months before this date if you wish to travel to the EU with your pet.

At the stage the new rules are not set so it is unknown what these changes will be. The best place to get up to date information is the Defra website. We are also happy to discuss travelling with your pet.

Important Information

YOU are responsible for ensuring your pet meets all the rules for entering the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme. Make sure you have had the procedures carried out in the correct order and your pet’s documentation is correctly completed.

If you do not, your pet may not be able to enter the country or may have to be licensed into quarantine on arrival. This will mean delay and will cost you money.

PETS is frequently updated so we ALWAYS advise you refer to the DEFRA website for the most up to date information prior to every journey.

Contact the Pet Travel Scheme helpline if you need more information:

Telephone: 0370 241 1710

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