Hospitalised Patients

We want you to know that your pet is in good hands

Hospitalisation Service

At Animates we are aware that if your pet has to stay in the hospital this will be a worrying time for you and we want you to know that your pet is in good hands. We aim to look after your pets every need while providing excellent veterinary care. Continuity of care and communication with you are also very important to us.

Our hospitals are designed with the comfort of your pet in mind.

  • We provide separate hospital wards for dogs and cats at both Market Deeping and Thurlby practices. This is often not possible in other vet practices due to space constraints. The different wards are designed to minimise stress between species. There are separate isolation facilities at Thurlby for any animals with infectious disease. This minimises the risk of transfer of infection to any hospitalised patients.
  • Within the exotics hospital at Thurlby there are 5 different wards for different species designed to cater for these patients often very individual needs.
  • We provide diffusers in the cattery and in the kennels to further decrease stress.
  • Cats are provided with shelters within the cattery to hide if they feel more comfortable hidden or climb on if they like to perch.
  • We have different sized kennels to cater for different sized dogs including larger walk in kennels, and our cattery kennels comply with the size recommended by ISFM to qualify as ‘gold standard’ cat friendly clinic.
  • We provide comfortable blankets and bedding. If you would like to bring blankets or toys in for your pet to provide them with something to remind them of home we are happy for you to do so.
  • We understand that it may be hard to be apart from your pet (both for you and your pet) while they stay with us. If you feel it will benefit your pet we are happy for you to come and visit and can arrange a mutually convenient time.
  • Admission
  • Dedicated Hospital Vet
  • Nursing care & monitoring
  • Overnight Care


On weekdays if your pet has to be admitted to the hospital for longer than a day, our 24 hour nursing team provides round the clock care at our Thurlby practice. This means that if your pet is admitted in our Market Deeping practice they will be transferred to Thurlby.

Should your pet need to stay in over the weekend, they will be transferred to our dedicated emergency care provider Vets Now for hospitalisation. We will discuss this with you and make the necessary arrangements.

You may be required to transfer your own pet between Market Deeping and Thurlby or to Vets Now or it may be possible for us to transfer your pet for you (this may be in our pet ambulance or a staff vehicle).

Dedicated Hospital Vet

We have a dedicated vet assigned to the hospital during the day shifts. This vet will be in charge of your pet’s care while they are in the hospital and will examine your pet at least twice daily themselves as well as receiving regular updates from the hospital nurse.

This vet may be different to the vet you saw at admission. If you would like a different vet to the hospital vet to look after your pet while they stay with us please ask and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Due to vets working different shifts if your pet is in hospital for more than one day it is possible that they may be looked after by more than one vet during their stay. At shift handovers your pet’s case will be fully discussed to ensure that the new vet is fully aware of all aspects of your pet’s condition and care.   

Case discussions between vets are also actively encouraged at Animates. This means your pet will likely have been assessed by more than one vet during their stay ensuring all options and possibilities have been covered.

Nursing care & monitoring

In the hospital, patients are cared for throughout the day and night; medicated, fed, exercised and groomed as needed by our excellent nursing team.

Each day, this team is led by a dedicated Registered veterinary nurse (RVN) in charge of the hospitalised patients. There is a different nurse in charge of the exotic wards. The hospital nurse will assess your pet on a regular basis and alert the veterinary surgeon in charge of your pet’s care to any changes as soon as they happen.

Each in-patient will have their vital signs checked regularly, pain levels monitored and addressed if necessary and a nutritional plan tailored to them to ensure their individual dietary needs are met.

Overnight Care

During overnight hospitalisation at Animates there is a team member caring for the hospitalised patients, giving you peace of mind knowing someone is awake and looking after your pet.  This may be a Registered Veterinary Nurse, Student Veterinary Nurse or Veterinary Care Assistant. 

The on-call vet is available for the team member to contact at any time if they have any concerns at all about your pet.

If you would prefer for your pet to be cared for overnight by a Veterinary Surgeon and Registered Veterinary Nurse who are on-site at all times you can discuss with the vet the option of you taking your pet overnight to VetsNow in Peterborough.

Animates have been awarded ‘OUTSTANDING’ in the RCVS Practice Standards Awards category for ‘IN-PATIENT CARE’ so you can be reassured that our care really is of a high standard. They assessed all aspects of in-patient care including monitoring, assessment and record keeping; accommodation; infection control; and communication.

For more information on the RCVS Practice Standard Scheme click here

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