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Tortoise Care Plan

Keeping your tortoise fit and healthy – saving you money



  • Pre-hibernation examination (consultation, faecal sample and imaging for females)
  • Post-hibernation consultation
  • Beak burr / nail clip 
  • Faecal examination mid-year


COSTING ONLY £10.00 PER MONTH, saving up to 20% on pay as you go prices

Males £6 per month (No imaging required)


off the following products & services

when other promotions are running only the highest discount will be applied

• Blood Screening If Recommended For Hibernation
• Routine Consultations For New Conditions
• All Nurse Procedures
• Microchipping
• Parasite Preparations

Please call Animates 48 hours before you wish to collect products to save you time when you arrive so we can have it prepared for you.

Terms & Conditions

  • You the client are responsible for checking the terms of this agreement in detail before committing yourself to this contract. If you think there is any mistake in this agreement or if you have any questions please contact us immediately and request any changes in writing. Once you sign the agreement you will be bound by its terms.
  • Discounts and products are only applicable to the enrolled pet.
  • There is an initial 7 day cooling off period without cancellation charges, any products taken on the plan will be charged for at full price.
  • Our Pet Care Plan is designed to help you spread the treatment costs over a 12 month period by making monthly payments to us.
  • This is a 12 month plan that will automatically renew unless you notify us before the new year starts.
  • Because the costs for the treatment is spread over 12 months, this is a 12 month agreement. Cancelling your payments mid term will result in £30.00 cancellation fee and any products taken over the amount already paid will be charged at full price.
  • If a payment is missed it will be re-presented the following month. If this is missed again this will be charged to your Animates account. Further non payments may result in your plan being cancelled.
  • Following two consecutive non payments if we are unable to contact you to discuss this we may cancel the plan and charge the difference for any products, services and a £15.00 cancellation fee taken against payments made.
  • You are responsible for ordering and collecting all treatments provided under the Pet Care Plan, no refunds will be given for missed products.
  • This is NOT pet insurance.
  • If your pet exceeds their weight bracket additional costs will be incurred.
  • Monthly payments will be collected on or around the 14th of the month commencing on the month written on your signed agreement.
  • The monthly payments are inclusive of VAT and all other relevant taxes. VAT rates are subject to change and so we reserve the right to increase the monthly payments to account for VAT increase. You will be informed of any price changes in writing (email or post).
  • Due to general business costs we reserve the right to vary the monthly rate and will give you 2 months notice of any changes.
  • Your personal data will be held and processed in confidence.
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