Why you should choose Animates!

Market Deeping
2 The Green, Thurlby, PE10 0EB
4 Stamford Rd, Market Deeping, PE6 8AB
At Animates we are dedicated to the care of companion animals. You can be sure that our dedicated and experienced team will provide you with an excellent service and your pet with the best possible care in a friendly environment.

To help you select a vet practice, we have compiled some important information about Animates we think will be helpful. We hope we have covered all your questions but give us a call if you have any other queries or would like more information about our practice, staff and the way we care for your pet.

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We're always here when you need us - 24/7
Flexible appointment times that are designed to suit you
15 minute appointments are our standard
Separate waiting areas and wards reduce stress for your pets
Dedicated faciliaties for exotic pets
Well equipped, up to date, and clean facilities
Knowledgeable, well trained staff who are passionate about animal care
The right staff doing the job
Fair and transparent pricing
Emphasis on preventative healthcare
Animates Out Of Hours hospitalised care
Visiting hospitalised pets
Great location and easy parking
We have a number of Accreditiations
We offer many other services

We're always here when you need us - 24/7
  • Phone us any time if you are worried or need advice
  • We will always fit you in if your animal is unwell
  • We have a vet available to see you immediately in case of any emergency

Animates staff provide 24 hour emergency cover, 365 days a year from our Thurlby practice.

Flexible appointment times that are designed to suit you
  • Appointments available between 8am and 7pm during the week
  • The Market Deeping practice opens later on Wednesdays with appointments available until 8pm
  • The Thurlby practice is open Saturday mornings from 8.30am until 12noon

Animates is happy to offer home visits as we know it is sometimes not possible to bring your pets to the practice.

We also understand if you would prefer to have your pet euthanised at home in their familiar environment and we will endeavour to arrange this at a suitable time for you.

15 minute appointments are our standard

Animates provide 15 minute consultations as our standard and we operate an appointment only system. This means your consultation can be calmer, relaxed and more informative. It also allows us more time to thoroughly examine your pet, discuss all possible treatment options and answer any questions you might have.

Traditionally vets run by 5-10 minute consultations. Our longer consultations mean that unless we are dealing with an emergency we almost always run on time.

Furthermore, double appointments are routinely made at no extra charge for new pets, complicated cases or if your pet sadly has to be put to sleep.

Separate waiting areas and wards reduce stress for your pets

At Animates, we provide separate hospital wards for cats, dogs and exotics (often not possible in other vet practices due to space constraints). The different wards are designed to minimise stress between species.
  • Our waiting rooms have separate partitioned areas for cats and dogs
  • Special "cat cubby holes" help minimise stress for your cats while they wait (this gives them a sheltered area where they cannot see other patients)
  • A fully equipped Exotics clinic with its own waiting and consulting rooms and hospital
  • Separate isolation facilities

Dedicated facilities for exotic pets

Minimising stress to pets and preventing disease spreading between species is so important to us that we recently opened our dedicated Exotics clinic.

Features of this clinic include:
  • Separate waiting room and two consulting rooms so that these unusual pets do not have to come into contact with cats and dogs
  • Five separate hospital wards to cater for their individual environment
  • Appropriate housing for various species including vivariums for different species of reptiles and heated tortoise tables
  • A range of enclosures for birds and small mammals with species specific environmental enrichment

Well equipped, up to date and clean facilities

We are justifiably proud of our practices and are very happy to show them to you. Talk to our staff if you would like a tour.

Our sterile operating theatres are fully equipped to ensure your pet is provided with the highest standard of care and they are separate from non-sterile procedure areas to minimise the risk of wound infection.

We regularly invest in new equipment to ensure that most conditions can be diagnosed quickly and treated appropriately on site.
Our equipment includes:
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital x-ray
  • Endoscopes
  • In-house blood analysers
  • Therapeutic laser
  • Dental equipment
  • Ventilator
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Tonometer
  • E.C.G machine

Knowledgeable, well trained staff who are passionate about animal care

We have a knowledgeable, experienced team of nine Veterinary Surgeons and twelve Registered Veterinary Nurses.

The Veterinary Surgeons at Animates have a wide range of interests including exotic species, emergency and critical care, orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery, diagnostic imaging, acupuncture and cardiology. We place emphasis on continuing education and we encourage our vets to regularly attend courses and keep up to date with all the latest advancements in veterinary medicine.

Many practices have non-qualified support staff who are incorrectly referred to as veterinary nurses. It is not appropriate to use this title unless the person has the necessary qualifications and practical skills.

At Animates our twelve Registered Veterinary Nurses are a vital part of our team. Their nursing support and clinical advice to clients ensures your pets get the very best care. They also lead the training of our Student Veterinary Nurses. All work carried out by non-qualified staff is always under the guidance of a qualified member of staff.

Please visit the staff section of our website for more information about our staff or about the qualifications and titles used in the veterinary profession.

The right staff doing the job

At Animates we pride ourselves on having fully trained staff available to be able to carry the job out correctly:
  • All surgical and dental procedures are performed by Veterinary Surgeons
  • All anaesthetics are monitored by qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses
  • All recovering patients are monitored very closely by the nursing team

Patient continuity is as important to us as it is to you - For any ongoing conditions we always endeavour to have the same vet dealing with your pet. If you would like to see a particular member of staff please ask for them and we will let you know when they are available.

Fair and transparent pricing

We firmly believe in fair and transparent pricing for consultations, procedures and medication. We are happy to provide estimates and to fully discuss all options available .

Modern veterinary medicine offers a great range of treatments and diagnostic options which means we are able to treat many conditions much better than we were able to in the past. Unfortunately with no "NHS" for pets all of these treatments come at a cost. We know that some of the more advanced options are not right for everyone or every pet, and we will discuss every option with you and find a solution together.

You make the decisions - While some options can be very useful they are not always critical. We will advise you if we consider these options necessary to reduce the risks to your pet and will let you decide how to proceed.

Insurance can be very helpful for unexpected problems and is an option worth considering.

Emphasis on Preventative Healthcare

Nurse appointments are available to discuss preventative healthcare such as neutering, parasite prevention and weight management. Many of these appointments are provided free of charge.

Pet Care Plans are available. They offer you a way of spreading the cost of preventative healthcare over the year and give you value for money on premium products.

Fixed price dental scale & polish As we believe routine preventative dental care is essential for pets, Animates
introduced our 'Fixed Price Dental Scale & Polish' package in 2011 as a permanent offer. As many pets needing dental treatment are older, a pre-anaesthetic blood test and intravenous fluids are included in the package price. Other vets may have offers that seem the same but please make sure you know what is included.

Vaccination of your pets is very important to ensure protection against a number of serious infectious diseases. We are happy to give you advice on the appropriate vaccination schedule for your pets.

Further information on preventative healthcare can be found on other pages of our website.

Animates Out of hours Hospitalised care

A vet and nurse are on call at all times to see you in an emergency and look after your pet if they are in hospital
Checks will be carried out during the night by a vet - the frequency will depend on your pet's requirements as determined by the vets clinical assessment.

Animates' standard is to perform a late night check on all in-patients at no extra charge. Additional checks are available to all in-patients (at an extra cost) for your peace of mind.

We are not a 24 hour hospital and cannot guarantee qualified staff will be housed on the premises throughout the night. Some veterinary clinics may advertise 24 hour hospitalisation but it is worth checking exactly what they mean. It may only be someone (not necessarily a qualified member of staff), asleep in a room upstairs.

Visiting hospitalised pets

We understand that if your pet is unwell and has to be hospitalised it will be a worrying time for you. If you feel it will benefit your pet, we are happy for you to come and visit and can arrange a time that is convenient for you.

Your pet will be very well looked after during their stay by the Animates team. Every day there will be a vet who is responsible for your pet who will be assisted by our nursing team.

Great location and easy parking

Animates has two practices, one located in Thurlby and the other in Market Deeping. Both are just off the A15 and within easy reach of Bourne, the Deepings, Stamford, Peterborough and the surrounding villages. Ample off road car parking is available at both practices.

Staff will assist with moving your pet to and from the car whenever required.

We have a number of Accreditations

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Practice Standards: We joined this voluntary accreditation scheme in 2009 and must pass 3-yearly audits. The RCVS Practice Standards scheme provides quality guidelines on the core standards for the species we treat.

International Cat Care: We have been awarded Gold Level Cat Friendly practice status. To achieve this, Animates demonstrated that we understand a cat's unique needs and have implemented feline friendly standards. We are the only practice in Lincolnshire to have obtained Gold level so you can be confident that your cat will be given exceptional care and attention through all phases of their visit including examination, procedures and hospitalisation.

Rabbit Friendly Vet List: We are on this list which means we are committed to providing top quality veterinary care to this species.

We offer many other services
  • All puppies that come to Animates are invited to the puppy parties that we hold every week at Market Deeping. These are a valuable way for owners to start the socialisation process and also help make coming to the vet less stressful for your dog.
  • We can issue Pet Passports for travel within the EU and export certification for travel outside the EU.
  • We work closely with Hydropets, which has wonderful facilities to provide pet rehabilitation and exercise. They have an in-ground hydrotherapy pool and a registered ACPAT physiotherapist has appointments available every week.
  • Lower cost nurse consultations for nail clips, ear cleaning, weight checks and anal gland expression.
  • We offer acupuncture and therapeutic laser treatments.
  • We have many over the counter goods available including ear cleaners, joint supplements, de-odorising products, dental homecare products, shampoos, healthy treats and petsafe toys.